With CYBERCON SOLUTIONS, you get the power and flexibility of the cloud, without the hassle and cost of doing it yourself.


Our cloud engineers help get your cloud online fast, and do it right. That means improved agility and time-to-market.


Architecture questions? Scaling troubles? App or DB-specific issues? We have a cloud engineer for that.


With managed cloud, you get economies of expertise. No need to spend six figures on employing a cloud engineer or architect.

Managed Solutions

Other providers will rent you raw infrastructure, but CYBERCON SOLUTIONS gives you the specialized expertise you need to run it. Learn more about how our business solutions can best fit the specific needs of your workload.

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    Email and Messaging

    Reliable collaboration and messaging solutions for Businesses. Our Hosted Exchange provides unlimited storage, security, Archiving and more.

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    Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

    Reliable cloud backup solution from GOBI IT protects your business and data from user errors, disaster and hardware failures.

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    File Sharing and Storage

    Enterprise-class Storage and file sharing solution. Enables intuitive collaboration and mobility while helping company data stay secure and protected.

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    Cloud Security

    Protect your business with cloud security. cloud security delivers security and protection against web, email and user errors